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Personal privacy is very important to both our visitors and us. We do our utmost to protect your information. The following privacy policy will be very useful in helping you understand the way that we use and protect your information.

Underneath are all of the possible ways that you may need to give us the information of a personal nature that may be required, and our reasoning as to why this information will be collected. Please understand that we do not require you to sign up to this website and furnish additional personal information in order to access all parts of this website. All of our articles are publicly available with no signup process or subscription charge.

We must do our due diligence and explain that we do use a cookie policy on this website. By visiting this website ( a cookie is placed upon your computer. This allows us to track if visitors are coming back to our website regularly and tailor our content to our most regular visitors. The range of information that you have given us by having this cookie placed onto your computer is for example the browser that you use, the country that you are browsing from, the duration of your visit and which article you read along with other general information of the same sort.

We will never sell your information to third parties. If forced to by a law enforcement agency, we may have to furnish your information.

You may at any time delete the cookie.

If you do wish to comment on our website then at this point we do require additional information. This information is gathered in order to prevent those who would wish to use our comment sections for spam and nefarious purposes. This information includes a value email address and a name. This information is stored securely and not sold for marketing purposes.  

We do furnish links to third party websites that we feel provide additional value to you as a reader. These third party links do lead to websites that are completely out of our control, and as such we cannot be held accountable for content that appears on these third party websites. 

We hope that this privacy policy has answered all of the questions that you may have when browsing our website.