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Privacy Policy and About Us

The Great Exhibition website has been launched to give everyone with an interest in any type of gambling game to be able to quickly and easily the type of information they require on their chosen 

gambling subject. We have lots of different gabling related guides, news articles and review and as such no matter what type of form of gambling you enjoy taking part in we are more than confident that you will find plenty of news stories and articles and even playing guides on your chosen gambling activity somewhere on this website.

We do have a privacy policy in place throughout this website and we shall now take a look at the information that we may collect from you are you peruse this website and also how we use any information that you do supply to us.


Cookies and Statistical Data

This website uses cookies, and as such when you pay this website a visit we will be placing a cookie via your web browser onto your computer. That cookie will of course not give us access to any of 

your own personal information but will allow us to identify you as a user of this website on any additional visit you make to this site. You are able remove that cookie form your computer at anytime by the way. Also the server which houses our website will be keeping statistical information of our website visitors which will allow us to see how many visitors we get to this website, which pages of the site are visited the most and also where our website visitors have visited this website from and by what computer or mobile operating system.


How We Use Your Information

The only time that you will be required to supply us with your own personal information such as your name and email address will be if you sing up to any of our newsletters or if you have chosen to 

sign up to our website to be able to comment on any posts or articles displayed on this site. If so please be aware that your personal information will be stored securely, and the only time we 

will be contacting you via the email address you supply is if you have signed up to our newsletter. The mail newsletter we send out will contain a mix of news sorties and advertisements that you may 

be interested in, however at anytime you can unsubscribe from that email newsletter.


Third Party Websites

Due to the nature of our website we have also chosen to showcase to our website visitors a range of third party websites that they may be interested in visiting. However, we cannot be held responsible for any information, content or images or services offered by those third party websites. You are best advised to check through the privacy policies found on each of the third party websites we have listed and link to via this website and also familiarize yourself with any additional terms and conditions on those websites too.