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If you would like to start a big argument with poker players, just ask them which are the best places to play poker live. Naturally, many of them will give you their opinion basing on personal preference. But let us put personal sentiment aside and list places according to standard comparisons like the quality of players, the general ambiance and other extras that will appeal to just about every player. 


1) The Commerce Hotel Casino, Commerce, CA: This is the biggest poker room you can find with over 200 tables and hundreds of games going on at the same time which gives you a wide variety to choose from with people of different levels. It makes it more fun and the interaction with poker players from all walks of life is a plus. Whatever limit you are interested in, you will find here. To add to that the casino has a wide selection of restaurants and poker players can eat free from a wide selection of menus. With round the clock games, this is easily the best place to play poker live.

2) Dusk Till Dawn, Nottingham: This is one of the most recommended live poker venues in Europe and England. It has a dedicated poker club and you can get a game at all times. It has a selection of low and high stake games and the player service is one to write home about. The staff is ready to accept other types of poker and new dealers to make people from all over the world feel at home. It is definitely a place every poker player should make a point to visit when in Europe.

3) Gold Strike, Tunica: If you are looking for a place to play live poker where the staff is very caring, then this is just the place. So many people have commented about the customer service here and from the time you step on the grounds you will notice that. Gold Strike is also the home of the World Poker Open that usually takes place in January but if that is not your interest you can get a good deal of 19 dollars per night for a poker room and there are games to cater for low and mid range stakes. If you want to take a break from the tables, there is the option of a walk along river Mississippi or a top level golf course. 


4) Bellagio, Las Vegas: This is one of the places you are more likely to run into celebrity poker players. Beyond the glitz and glamor that it exudes, the Bellagio is a very nice place to play live poker in America. It has all stakes available for different types of players but it still manages to maintain a high-class atmosphere. They have a full range of “hold ‘em” and the blinds range from $1/$2 up to 100/200 dollars for the high limit section. You may, however, be discouraged from the low stake games because of the long wait. 

5)Poker Stars Macau: This is the biggest live poker venue you can find in Asia and it attracts thousands of poker players every year to take part in live tournaments. It is run by the world’s biggest online poker company and has an international feel about it. There is provision for both high rollers and the low rollers so just about anyone can find a placement at Poker Stars room in Macau. You can choose to play cash games or tournaments.