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Before we take you through the strategy for maximizing returns from playing slots, you should know the reality of the slot machines. Slots are designed to never pay you back 100%. Some slots are designed to give 95% over the long term. It means the management of slot will have 5% return in the long run; but anything can happen in the short run. The average pay out in short run may vary anywhere within 82% to 98%. 

You should know that slot machines are major money spinners for the casinos around the world. You can maximize returns by deploying the following strategies while playing slots. 

1) Set your loss target: By saying so we do not mean you must lose money here. We wish to caution you that you must have a clear mindset as regards how much you can afford to lose. Because, you cannot even think of beating a slot machine if you run out of cash. As a matter of fact, efficient bankroll management is high in demand here as a strategy. Carry this target amount of money with you to the casino or deposit, if you are playing online. 

2) Don’t shy away from changing the machine: Skeptics might raise their eyebrows here. But, the reality is you must change the machine where you are continually losing money, say for more than an hour instead of getting anything in return. Changing the slot machine will not guarantee your success; but it will at least help you refresh and concentrate on the game. 

3) Look out for the perfect slot: If you are not willing to lose big amount of money in one game, we then advise you to begin with the lowest denominator of your currency while playing, say cents/penny slots. But, if your target is to win big (while conceding to the chances of losing big), you then search for progressive jackpots at the casinos. 

4) Know the slot before playing: Your ignorance must not take away your happiness. As such, before you get into playing a slot machine you should be familiar with it such as how it offers the pay lines etc. The essence is none can guarantee success on playing slots. Play safe and save monies from being siphoned off. 


Playing slots on a budget – Enjoy Them More 

Playing slots on a budget can multiply your happiness. Doing so you don’t compromise with your necessities like the house rent or the insurance bills. This is something like a stitch in time that saves nine. However, the duration of your play will be guided by a couple of factors such as the following. 


Choosing the right machine 

Choice of the right machine plays a pivotal role. It coincides with your knowledge on the machine on which you are willing to play. One you do that you can strategize the game and can work on the duration too. 

Treating the slot games as entertainment 

After making a choice about the machine this deserves to be the second step in your endeavor to play long. You will invariably commit more mistakes than the usual ones while stressed. On the contrary, look at the slot games as the medium of entertainment while keeping the option open for earning. This will enhance your potential as a player a.k.a. gambler thereby will increase chances of winning. 

Setting your limit 

Before you sit to play you must decide your bankroll. A piece of advice here is: to not browse internet banking or others like debit card for bringing money to your gambling fund in between the running game. You will then outspend and invite troubles for you. You should set 1/100th of your bankroll as the bet per dice roll as advised by the experts. 

Avoiding credit card attachment 

Do not attach your credit card while playing by any means. You will then mess up your budget and will bring misery instead. Playing at casinos indirectly seduces players for 

spending more. 

Calling a quit 

If you continue to lose games one after another, it’s advisable for quitting the game. This will at least save you from losing money successively. There is other another way of knowing when to call quit. It is the time when you have exhausted half of your bankroll. 

In the end, do not lose your mind. Don't continue play for too long; you will only lose more money.



Technology has not only shaped the business world and the market structures but has also played a major role on the game of poker. Nowadays, the game of poker can be played over the internet hence giving rise to the “online poker”. Now that many people can access the internet, Online Poker is a contributor to the popularity of poker players all over the world over the recent past. 

With the huge numbers of players of Online Poker and consequently Internet Gaming players, a recent research carried out on the Revenues collected from the Online Poker showed that they were totaling to an estimated 1.4 billion dollars by the year 2004.This clearly shows the popularity that online gambling has acquired such that one among four dollars is gambled online. 

Poker game was only played in casinos and poker rooms in the past which were located in dubious places. This posed a great challenge especially for the beginners in poker as they were not used to such environment associated with the game. As we all know, profit margins from poker is relatively low compared to other gambling games such as the slot machines which made the casino owners not to indulge much in the game. 

This led to the increasing need to lower the high costs of running the poker game as the poker rooms was also a very expensive venture. When poker games took toonline, the running costs incurred were very low. This meant that the online venues were very affordable as compared to the poker rooms. Sincethree are no entry fees charged, more players got the chance to fully participate in the poker games, especially the armatures and also the rich 


Although the online platforms have had a very positive impact on the poker game, three are also risks and challenges faces as well. These sites are prone to fraudsters which might lead to unsuspecting players losing money. 

However, measures have been taken to curb the common types of fraud such as collusion which majorly occurs among the poker players. Some of the measures include collusion detectors placed by the online platforms and also IP address checking at the open proxy servers. How does this work to combat fraud? This ensures that players at the same household do not gamble on the same tables. 

Online Poker was pioneered in the late 90’s where the first online card room, Poker Planet, presented the actual money games which was first played in January 1st 1988.With the high level of stiff competition experienced by the Online Poker platforms, innovative attractive features have been designed to attract aspiring players. 

Some of the new attracting features by the Online marketers that has revolutionized the poker game is the placement of satellites which meant that those who were champions in the online world could participate in the real poker games. One of the poker stars founded by this project is Chris Moneymaker who got the chance to participate in the Poker Series tournament and scooped himself the coveted price. Grey Raymer is another good example of a poker star who got entry to the main tournament through the online card. 

Over the years, that is the late 2004 t0 2008, tremendous advancement has taken place in the Online Poker business. One of the largest Online Poker cardrooms called was acquired by the sport betting during this time and also Party Poker, which is another very large online cardroom, went public on the stock exchange market. 

Online Poker is very popular in the United Kingdom and the countries around the Caribbean Sea region which is a legal venture. The United States have also been trying to authorize Online Poker by regulating the Online Poker card rooms. However, this has not been a success as the bill was disputed with the allegations that Online Poker may be illegal. 

This halted the American broadcasting from publicizing and marketing the online poker sites. 

Online Poker in the US was faced with great opposition after the President officiated the law which made Online gambling in the country to be an illegal venture. This led to the closure of the major online sites in the country including Party Poker, Pacific Poker and bwin among others. 

However, many liberations against the law signed by the president were conceived to liberate and protect the rights of the Online gamblers in the country. Although the efforts seemed to be futile and full of drawbacks, the liberators did not give up. Theirattempts were successful by April 30th 2013 when Nevada was the first state in the US to authorize Online Poker to individuals of 21 years and above. New Jersey also legalized Online Poker by November. This was certainly the breakthrough of Online Gambling in the US. 

For a business to be successful, profits have to be earned to ensure growth and development. Online Poker has been successful because of the finances generated by the Online Poker rooms. How is the revenue collected? First way is by the rake which is a percentage of the money in the ring game pots. Another way is by the money collected from the side games of online poker such as the Black jacks and roulettes which are always very hard to crack by most players. Lastly, revenues are collected from money invested from the client’s deposits. 

Online poker is guaranteed of fairness and safety of the players as they are licensed by the major auditing institutions such as the PricewaterhouseCoopers to ensure that the favor of the games is not towards the house side. 

Cheating in games is a common occurrence which many players indulge in so that the outcome is in their favor. These are unfair practices that should be greatly avoided by theplayers. One of the common cheating practices in Online gambling is the insider cheating where an employee in the poker rooms takes to advantage of his ease to access of the system and plays the Online Poker games with an added advantage. This is a major challenge of Online Poker games and measures are being taken to combat the malpractice.